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At OurThree Solutions we are passionate about helping retailers achieve their business transformation objectives through the thoughtful application of analytics and business intelligence.

As a trusted delivery partner, we offer deep domain expertise to the Retail Merchandising, Planning and Allocation functions.  We operate as the bridge between business and technology teams, translating complex business processes and requirements into innovative technology designs and solutions.  

We understand that your team’s ability to think creatively and strategically while meeting operational and financial objectives is critical to the success of your business. Our user-centered design approach focuses on the individuals at the heart of your process, seeking to maximize their potential impact and contribution to your organization.  


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Leading an agenda of transformative change is a rewarding and challenging endeavor that we believe starts with a clear and articulable vision of the future with strong emphasis on value creation and strategic alignment.

To deliver on the promises of this vision, leadership teams must fully consider impact to (1) the people within the organization, (2) the processes being created or changed, and (3) the technology required. Effectively leading and building alignment across these areas is critical to the success of your program.

Whether using traditional delivery methods or more agile models, we at OurThree specialize in the delivery of transformative change while minimizing disruptions to your daily operations. We partner closely with your internal Business and IT teams as well as your existing vendors throughout the project life cycle to realize maximum benefit.



We leverage our deep domain expertise to design analytical solutions that seamlessly integrate into your processes. Our user-centered design approach focuses on the teams and subject matter experts at the heart of your business. 

We rapidly iterate design models through brainstorming, simulations, prototypes, and proof of concept exercises. All this happens before any coding begins.  We love creativity and whiteboards. We then evolve the design to scale through automation, ultimately freeing up your teams to think more critically and strategically about your growing business.  

At OurThree, we are passionate about empowering your teams with innovative designs and systems that maximize their potential and business impact.



Operational Business Intelligence is the game-changer when adopting analytics into your processes. Successful business teams must be equipped with the business intelligence tools to understand, articulate, and justify their analytics-informed decisions.  

By demystifying the analytics black box you create a culture of transparency and accountability, while giving your teams the critical information needed to make smart decisions, grow your business, and build strong cross-functional partnerships.  

Let’s collaborate and “turn the lights on” together! 

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Randall LaFleur - Principal and Senior Industry Consultant

With 15 years of experience working at the intersection of business and technology, Randall LaFleur is passionate about designing and leading implementations of analytical business solutions in complex retail environments. He demonstrates strong leadership in the transformation of business processes and technologies and has a proven record of leading change and building high-performance teams.